Monday, November 7, 2011

Heater Hire

Indirect Diesel Heater Hire

Arcotherm - EC85

Heating Capacity 80kW / 274,000 BTU/Hr
Weight 110kg
H × W × D 102cm × 69cm × 174cm
Suitable Area 1119m³
Noise Rating 73dba
Hose Length 3m or 7.6m
Hose Diameter 405mm (2 x 300mm off 2 - Way Splitter)
Tank Capacity(l) 105
Consumption L/Hr 7.17
Fuel Type Red Diesel or Kerosene

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  1. Would you like to tell it's range of heating, actually we are managing a big event and have large marquee so what do you suggest, i'm thiking of one big heater and one small at entrance.
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